Tankless water heater

Easy to install and small sized

Instant heater

Heat 24 liters of water per minute at the set temperature.

Low power consumption (90 watts)

120V is required to operate the device.

Used for heating and residential hot water

Depending on the size of the facility and the hot water consumption, one or more devices may be installed in parallel.

Automatic safety mode

If the device malfunctions, it will be numerically displayed and paused.

Economy mode

Depending on the set temperature, the gas consumption is regulated.

Capacity 48 kW
Heating area 288 m2 (by a single device)
Heating temperature 37-85оС
Type of gas used Propane
Consumer hot water It is possible to use 3-4 taps at the same time.
Water pressure 200-550 kPa
Pipe connection Gas/cold water/hot water; 20 dm
Dimension 684 х 356.6 х 235.5 mm

Combi boiler


Chimney hood