Direct vent furnace
Time setting

With on/off time setting

Easy to install

This device uses the latest technology, easy to assemble pipes and fittings, therefore the installation will be 2-3 hours.

Automatic safety mode

If the device malfunctions, it will be numerically displayed and paused.

Temperature detector

The device heats the air to the set temperature and takes a break. But when the temperature drops, it starts functioning again.

Do not pollute the room air

Exhaust pipes installed in the device exhaust the burned air.

Do not dehumidify the air

The device contains the moisturizer bottle.

Capacity 6 kW
Heating area 60 m2
Heating temperature 15-27оС
Type of gas used Propane
Power supple 120V
Pipe connection Gas/cold water/hot water;  20dm
Dimension 589 х 760 х 257 mm

Combi boiler