“Fire and Rescue Unit 74”

Friday February 26th, 2021

The campaign continues …
Our Air Pollution Gas Solutions project campaign continues. The 74th Fire and Rescue Brigade, which is our eternal guardian for our lives, property and health, will stop heating coal and switch to advanced gas heating technology, burning 240 tons of raw coal every year, 643 tons of CO2 in the air and 53 tons of ash in the soil. Our staff will be able to work in a healthy and clean environment, vehicles and equipment that need to be constantly on standby will be provided with uninterrupted heat that will not freeze or freeze, and you will be ready for our safety in a timely manner.
The campaign that our company is building with its own funds within the framework of social responsibility continues …


”Health center”, “Children’s outpatient clinic” of Chingeltei district



Household gas consumer safety advice